About us

Kareem Roberts, Chef

I’m very much a non-traditional culinary student, devoting as much of time to honing my skills as I have to eating any and everywhere from roadside food stops in the Caribbean, to fine dining establishments around Europe.

Our story

Our management team have been a part of the local hospitality industry for over 25 years. In 2016 we took ownership of Varsity Restaurant, St Andrews Street, Cambridge where we jumped at the opportunity to refurbish the premises and built a menu based on principles that we hold dear. We pride ourselves on using fresh produce which is locally sourced when possible. Using these quality ingredients, our exceptional team of chefs prepare each dish from scratch.

In 2018 after the success of Varsity, we found ourselves in a position to expand and opened Trinity Restaurant, right in the historic heart of our beautiful city. Expanding the culinary experience of Varsity, Trinity's menu leans more towards seafood, while continuing to cater to all diners.

Our Restaurants